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What Makes a Good Employee?

Does a person’s name, appearance, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or the way they express themselves affect their “fit” within your company? Whether we like it or not, every person in the human resources department has unconscious bias.

In fact, to have an unconscious bias you don’t even need to look down at any particular type of person, all it takes is getting along better with certain people than with others.

If you have long-standing problems that your company can’t seem to get past, you may be able to break through them with new people with different perspectives. Fresh, new perspectives from a diverse range of qualified employees shake things up and turn on the “innovation engine”.

One day, your diverse employee base may save you from making a business-killing decision.

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Today’s Highly Qualified Professionals
Stand Out On Merit

Forward-thinking human resources departments are looking for professionals like YOU. Not to fulfil some quota, but because they need A-team players who are qualified for the position and might even be able to bring new ideas to the table.​

If you’re trying to find a job, you might be aware of the unconscious bias that exists – whether we want to admit it or not – but progressive companies are taking steps to mitigate unconscious bias and create amazingly diverse, culturally aligned teams that can attack problems from many different angles.​

If you are currently job seeking, you can be just the employee they are looking for. With Jobseekrs®, you can get the job without ever being judged. Don’t trust us, trust our AI.


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