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The Future of Hiring is Here
A New Approach To Hiring

Create Your Seekr Profile

To find a job, simply create a job seeker profile. List your qualifications, highlight your experience and skills, and our brief culture-add questions.

Post A Job

To post your first job, highlight the job role criteria, and send our culture-focused
questionnaire to your existing employees.

Interactive Video ‘Company’ Stories

Employers: Give insight into your company’s culture via ‘behind-the-scenes’ video.

Candidates: Learn about your potential employer prior to your interview.

11 Psychometric Questions

Each candidate is asked a series of 11 carefully calculated culture-add questions. Our algorithm uses this to determine how well they match to a company’s evolving culture.

Percentage-Fit Scoring

Jobseekrs mitigates unconscious bias by ONLY revealing applicants’ overall percentage fit score to the company. This is a combination of the culture fit answers & suitability to the job role.

Video Interview & Interview Scheduling

After viewing the percentage fit score, Jobseekrs streamlines the recruitment process.
Companies can invite prospective employees for an in-person or video interview on the platform.
Jobseekrs uses a culture-add approach, empowered by competency measurements to produce perfect matching scores for any job search.
Artificial Intelligence
Our machine learning engine is devoid of “historically biased data.”
Expand your Options
Jobseekrs connects forward-thinking organizations to a wider pool of diverse and qualified candidates — truly creating “hiring magic”.
Find Suitable Candidates Today
Get It Right With Jobseekrs

Building your team with Jobseekrs is EASY! We combine company culture and job role competency to create a successful breeding ground for your company. A diverse and competent team is directly reflected in  your company’s novelty and profitability.

Company Culture
Created With Company Culture In Mind

When it comes to company culture, diversity is simply better. Why? It’s because you don’t know what you don’t know. If everyone comes from the same background, and thinks in the same way, then there will be a lack of fresh, differing perspectives on the challenges you face as a company. Jobseekrs is a collaboration between company culture experts, data scientists, and app developers who believe the best approach for enhancing a company’s mission, vision, and goals is to open the company’s “mind,” allowing creative new ideas to come from all directions.

Mitigating unconscious bias from the job search and hiring process can and will transform the face of the workplace globally – one new hire at a time.

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