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A New Approach to Hiring

Create Your Seekr Profile/ Post a job

To find a job, simply upload your CV. To post a job, choose your qualifications and what you’re looking for in an employee.

Video Interview

After hiring managers have made decisions about who they want to interview, the app will help find a time that suits everyone, and will finally arrange a video interview.

AI Assessment

Each candidate is asked a series of culture-add questions that help our AI determine how well they match a company’s evolving culture – this isn’t magic, it is AI.

Culture and Skill Matching

Human resource managers will never see photos or any other identifying information about applicants – only their culture and skill matches, as well as their qualifications. Our AI does the heavy lifting for you.

Interactive Video Discovery

Jobseekrs® is different from any other job site or employment agency because it allows candidates to learn about companies through interactive videos that display a company’s culture.

Hire the Perfect Person

Unconscious bias does not enter into the equation, because employers express their interest before knowing any personal information about their applicants.
Great matches are made through an impartial AI.
Psychometrics assessments are bias, non-neurodiverse-friendly. Jobseekrs® uses a culture-add approach, empowered by competency measurements to produce perfect matching scores for any job search.
Artificial Intelligence
Our machine learning engine is not spoiled with “old data” – innovative ideas go in, exceptional candidates come out.
Expand Your Options Instantly
Works for both hiring managers and job seekers, introducing companies to a wider pool of diverse, qualified candidates while matching individuals with forward-thinking organizations, and creating “hiring magic,” in the process.
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We are a team of young, experienced industry leaders who are passionate about their work. Over 50+ years combined of cooperation with both corporations and startups, helped us to build this first of it’s kind, Culture-as-a-Service, AI-enabled job platform that uniquely matches candidates with companies based on truly unbiased factors.

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