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Jobseekrs® Why?

We started our Culture-as-a-Service AI platform, to tackle unconscious bias and discrimination in the hiring process. Our founder having experienced unconscious bias first hand during a recruitment process, wanted to disrupt the Industry, hirers will naturally and unconsciously hire people that look and remind them of themselves. Equality, diversity and inclusivity are extraordinarily important. The platform anonymises everything about a candidate other than their soft and hard skills, and uses culture add testing to see if they would be a good match for a company based on their personality, company-culture values and principals. Gender, age, race and other demographics are completely hidden.

We believe that psychometrics assessments are bias, non-neurodiverse-friendly, and should be scrapped in the hiring process. Companies should instead focus on more inclusive and objective methods and tools.

We are currently have access to over 2+ Million job seekers, spanning a variety of industries. We’ve created a seamless, fairer, secure and unbiased platform.


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A New Way to Find the Right Employees

The hiring process, whether done in-house or through an employment agency, usually involves screening candidates “by hand,” to find the best fit for the company. At Jobseekrs, we believe in a totally novel way of screening candidates, starting with the culture a company desires and working backwards from there.

As a result, the Jobseekrs version of human resources eliminates unconscious bias and gives a selection of the most qualified candidates, regardless of their personal details.

This allows companies to expand their pool of talent and add to their ideal culture, rather than bringing in more candidates who fit. We emphasize ‘add’ to culture instead of ‘fit.’ Bringing in new viewpoints and culture strengths can help overcome problems in creative and innovative ways – while giving hopeful employees the chance to be judged solely on merit during their job search.

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