Jamaal Brathwaite

Founder and CEO
8+ Years
Personal Info

ABarbadian-born entrepreneur residing in Manchester, UK.
Passionate about: start-ups, entrepreneurship, aviation, social
enterprises, cloud technology, human capital, starting and
globally scaling innovate business ideas and above all…, creating
a more joyful, healthy & happy world.

Jamaal’s purpose is to create value in the world while inpiring others to do the same thing.

In Press
  • TechNations 50 most inspiring, prominent, and influential black voices in UK tech
Professional Experience

Jamaal’s first start-up was NextGen Interview Ltd. Imagine being able to see and hear from candidates before organizing face-toface meetings. Now let me introduce you to NextGen Interview: the newest way for employers to find qualified applicants and jobseekers to find their dream jobs in the most technologically efficient manner possible. It offered a convenient way to screen candidates which assist in reducing interviewing costs during the recruitment process and enhancing branding. Prior to launching Jobseekrs® & NextGen Interview, he served as a Senior Sales Manager with the Appco Group (#1 Direct Marketing Company in the world), managing sales representatives from SRJ Marketing and was awarded the Sales Leadership Excellence Award in 2012. His goal is to be a globally successful and inspirational leader, who creates vision and opportunity for himself and for those around him. Jamaal aspires to be someone who leads by example and strives for success. He vows to always work hard to ensure optimum performance of his businesses.

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