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Forward-thinking companies are looking for professionals like YOU. With Jobseekrs, the only TWO things that matter is – your culture-add to the company & your competency to the job role. Not to fulfill some quota, but because they value and welcome team players who are qualified for the job role and bring new ideas to the table.

We all know how frustrating the job-hunting process is – we have ALL been through it. Long applications, applicant tracking systems, unconscious bias & sometimes absolutely no feedback from applications. A person’s name, appearance, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or the way they express themselves should not affect their “fit” within a company? Whether we like it or not, everyone has unconscious bias — with Jobseekrs, you can get the job without ever being judged based on these. Period.

Progressive companies are taking steps to mitigate unconscious bias and create amazingly diverse, culturally aligned teams that can attack problems from many different angles.