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Challenges your own unconscious bias bringing equality into the selection process
Combines company culture-add and job role competency, through a streamlined process.
Increase efficiency — use our in-app interview scheduling and video interviewing tools.
Increase your employer branding by showcasing behind-the-scene views into your company’s culture via video
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At Jobseekrs, we are not re-inventing the wheel but rather re-prioritising! If everyone comes from the same background, and thinks in the same way, then there will be a lack of fresh, differing perspectives on the challenges you face as a company. Employees in every successful company are grounded in two things – culture & competence. Their culture-add to the company and their competence to the job-role.

The selection process for these two key factors can frequently be ambiguous and at the mercy of/subjected to skewed/differing personal unconscious bias. Jobseekrs mitigates unconscious bias and provides a selection of the most qualified candidates. These candidates are ranked based on culture & competence regardless of their personal details.


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Less expensive than an employment agency, while drastically reducing the cost of wrong hires

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More progressive than other job sites, matching suitable candidates to your company's culture

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The single least biased way to hire new talent, at a very budget-friendly rate
About Jobseekrs
A New Way To Find The Right Employees

The hiring process is expensive, time consuming, and does not always get the desired result. Whether using an external recruiter or undertaken in house, matching education, skills, culture and expectation is difficult and can be frustrating. At Jobseekrs we emphasize ‘add’ to culture instead of ‘fit.’ New viewpoints and culture strengths have the power to overcome problems in creative and innovative ways.

In the current climate there may be a large number of applications to process for each role. Jobseekrs gives hopeful employees the chance to be judged solely on merit during their job search. It brings an innovative solution to reduce the complexity, improve the matching process, save cost and lead to lower churn.

We do not charge for placing an advert on our platform, but rather ask you and your employees to complete a questionnaire. This provides a clear insight into the role, company culture and opportunities for career progression. The profiles of the candidates in our database are matched according to your employees answers. You will then receive an anonymised list of candidates with a percentage matching score but only pay for the details of the candidates you want to see.